Hairdeams Volume Plus Thickening Systems

 Provides an exclusive service that is a natural way to restore beautiful, voluminous and healthy hair to those who have fine, thinning hair or even bald spots and Alopecia. Our unique hair integration thicking techniques allows you to touch your scalp just in case you are under dermatologist care and need injections/creams etc. Or when using  Hairdreamology  Hair Regenerating & Follicle Stimulation oil.  
Please read and watch the videos below for a better understanding of our amazing hair integration creations and product used at Dionne Michelle's.
Men aren’t the only ones suffering from hair loss, there is an increasing number of women with the same problem. Their hair breaks off, continues to get thinner, or even falls out leading to bald spots.
This is usually a serious psychological problem for the person who is experiencing this. Women especially feel deeply affected by hair loss: They feel vulnerable, unattractive, and weak.



Causes of fine hair and hair loss:

Genetic predisposition: Many people have very fine hair or not very much of it as a result of their natural genetic predisposition.

Environmental influences: Factors such as stress and toxic substances can lead to hair loss

Nutrition: Diet has a substantial influence on hair and skin health.

Aging process: With increasing age the strength and amount of hair decreases.

Hormonal issues: various illnesses, medications, as well as pregnancy can cause hormonal side effects leading to hair loss



Decreased hair overall

Lengths and ends get thinner and duller

Attractive styles are even harder to achieve

Scalp becomes more visible, especially in the crown area

Bald spots will often form

Styling products don’t suffice to cover up the problem anymore

Serums and similar products are hardly any help





Get 50% more hair combined with 100% more self-confidence!


Volume Plus lengthening and thickening systems for managing hair loss!

Offer more than just solutions for hair loss.

Hairdreams wide range of hair solutions uses  100% real human hair, returning the natural volume to fine and thinning hair and making it possible to fulfill any hair dream. Even with bald spots! 

All this is made possible with a unique range of hair thickening systems, which enhance the client’s own hairundetectably as if it was magic. 

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