Hairdreams Quikkies & Secrets Tape-in Hair Extensions

QUIKKIES Original Tape-ins

Our QUIKKIES are the most flexible and thinnest self-adhesive strips worldwide, made of a featherlight microfiber material combined with the finest 5 star real hair, for fabulous hair volume right down to the ends.

  • can be worn for 4 to 6 weeks, then they are removed and moved up
  • can be reused several times and can be worn up to six months
  • can be easily removed at any time with Hairdreams TakeOut spraySECRETS Invisible Tape-ins

    SECRETS Tape-ins

    Our SECRETS are a unique type of tape extensions that when applied, instantly camouflage and become invisible. Thanks to our innovative proprietary ‘3D-Imprint’ manufacturing technology, SECRETS appear to grow straight out of the scalp! They are used in visible areas, such as the parting or hairline, and are great for very fine hair. For best results, combine SECRETS on the top and QUIKKIES below for added length and fullness. SECRETS come with a backing tape so they can be applied single sided or paired with a QUIKKIE for amazing results.

     Appling Tape-Ins

    It's as easy as this

    When applying the QUIKKIES and SECRETS, you can choose and mix between three methods:

    • QUIKKIES:  for length and volume in most standard applications where there is no need for additional coverage on the top of the head. Always apply a QUIKKIE on top, a QUIKKIE underneath and the client’s hair in-between.
    • SECRETS (single method): applied single sided to the top crown area and or at the top part-line area using the SECRETS backing tape with the client’s hair in-between. (Can be combined with method one – QUIKKIES)
    • SECRETS + QUIKKIES (double method): applied to the top crown area and or at the top part-line area, use a SECRET on top, and instead of applying it with the backing tape, use a QUIKKIE underneath with the client’s hair in-between.  This method adds more volume and is the BEST way to achieve longer lasting results. (Can be combined as well with method one – QUIKKIES)

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